Sunday, 14 October 2007

Star-Dog Log 070521 - Teilhede

Blimey, that hotel the other week must have cost a packet - this week we kipped in the van at the picnic site half a mile down the road! It was well cool, though. Not a soul about, just us, so able to chill and get a good night's sleep, although she tried to put the security lock on to keep us safe and every time I wriggled it set off the 4-way flashers!

Star-Dog Log 070514 - Loubeyrat

Thought we'd moved to France for better weather. It piddled down tonight! She must have changed her socks cos there were a few other people at the site but not many, it was still nice and quiet. We went to look at a chateau and I had a close encounter with a big black thing she said was a Newfoundland, and another big thing called a Leonberger. They must feed these Frog Dogs well to make them so big!

Star-Dog Log 070507 - Issoire

This time she really pushed the boat out - we stayed in a hotel! Cool. Drove down the motorway to a place called Issoire. Very camp young man on the desk called me a Toutou and I wasn't sure whether or not to bite him but 'Er Indoors said it meant doggy and was probably meant as a compliment, so that was ok. Walked round a lake and met some kids on bike. I hate bikes! These French people have the right idea, though. Instead of me getting the blame for trying to eat the kids, their person made them get off their bikes and stand still so I could walk past without getting upset. I definitely like being a Frog Dog!

Star-Dog Log 070430 - Blot l'Eglise

Starting to think she might just have a little personal hygiene problem. There's never anyone but us at the sites we stay at. Maybe she needs to change her socks.

This time was pretty weird as when we went to check in there was a big cat tied up on a long lead near the reception and the owner told ME to be careful of IT as IT would chase ME. As if!! Mind you, when I went near, it puffed itself up to twice its size and made some horrible swearing noises.

Pretty cool site, and we went for a nice walk through some woods and got barked at by some stupid Scotch collies and even some of my distant cousins. Good job she kept me on a short lead, I'm have bashed up the lot of them single pawed.