Sunday, 14 October 2007

Star-Dog Log 070430 - Blot l'Eglise

Starting to think she might just have a little personal hygiene problem. There's never anyone but us at the sites we stay at. Maybe she needs to change her socks.

This time was pretty weird as when we went to check in there was a big cat tied up on a long lead near the reception and the owner told ME to be careful of IT as IT would chase ME. As if!! Mind you, when I went near, it puffed itself up to twice its size and made some horrible swearing noises.

Pretty cool site, and we went for a nice walk through some woods and got barked at by some stupid Scotch collies and even some of my distant cousins. Good job she kept me on a short lead, I'm have bashed up the lot of them single pawed.

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