Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Star-Dog Log 070924 - St Hippolyte

I call it a diabolical liberty. We go off on what's supposed to be our time and she comes back with a cat! I ask you. We had a nice peaceful evening and night at a quiet site at St Hippolyte. Then on the way back, we stopped for a picnic at a viewpoint and as we were walking back to the van we both heard this funny noise. I knew what it was straight away - a flippin' cat. It was up a tree, miaowing at us, so she had this brilliant idea - not - to put it in my travel cage in the back of the van and bring it back home. Harumph! It was only a little squirt of a thing and seemed a bit lost so I said it was ok to borrow my cage. But it looks as if the little thing is staying. As long as it doesn't think it's coming on any of our camping trips with us.

Star-Dog Log 070903 - Loubeyrat

We've been to this site before but she seems to like it - probably because it's cheap. It was quiet again - her socks tend to do that. And it must be jinxed cos we had the same weather as last time, wet and windy in the night.

Star-Dog Log 070813 - Clermont Ferrand

We had my Auntie Meg staying this week so we took her to the nice hill with the butterflies. They wouldn't let me eat the big yellow ones - how am I supposed to know swallowtails are special, I'm a dog. No sheep and lambs this time but I was kept pretty busy keeping the wasps away from the two human beans as they were both being boring and reading books. But we got to stay in a hotel tonight - cool - as we were putting Auntie Meg on a plane so we stayed at the airport. That's another place these sensible French people let dogs go - I had great fun going round sniffing people's luggage to make sure there wasn't anything there that shouldn't be.

Star-Dog Log 070709 - Orcet

She had to go and pick someone up from somewhere this time so we stayed at a site that's not really us, bit too formal and full of Dutch people. But after she stuck the tent up, we drove off to find somewhere for a picnic and found a brilliant place up on top of a hill. Lots of funny looking sheep with lambs but as usual, I didn't get to have any fun with them, but there were lots of butterflies that needed seeing off so that gave me something to do while she sat in the sun and read a book - how boring is that??

Star-Dog Log 070618 - St Remy de Blot

Very hot this time when we went on our jaunt. I'm allowed to sit on the passenger seat in the front of the van when it's hot, with the window open, which is great. This time we found a site for bikers which was cool, but it meant we couldn't have the van on the site and she had to carry all the stuff up the hill from the car park. There was a dog there that came over and started talking to me in French but I just told it to get lost - haven't learned that much of the local lingo yet and wasn't sure if it was being friendly or not. Don't know who this French guy St Remy was but they seem to have a few of him about.

Star-Dog Log 070611 - St Remy sur Durolle

We haven't been away for a couple of weeks so this time she managed to wangle 2 days together. This means we got away a bit further and found a nice place near a big lake, with not many people about. It's called St Remy sur Durolle - I'm even learning to bark with a French accent. Plenty of places to go for walks and picnics, which is what I like best. Could have snacked on a couple of Yorkshire terriers but as usual, she wouldn't let me have any fun. I had to work pretty hard to keep our pitch safe from some jays who thought they could muscle in and pick up crumbs. As if! That's one of the perks of being a border collie.