Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Star-Dog Log 070924 - St Hippolyte

I call it a diabolical liberty. We go off on what's supposed to be our time and she comes back with a cat! I ask you. We had a nice peaceful evening and night at a quiet site at St Hippolyte. Then on the way back, we stopped for a picnic at a viewpoint and as we were walking back to the van we both heard this funny noise. I knew what it was straight away - a flippin' cat. It was up a tree, miaowing at us, so she had this brilliant idea - not - to put it in my travel cage in the back of the van and bring it back home. Harumph! It was only a little squirt of a thing and seemed a bit lost so I said it was ok to borrow my cage. But it looks as if the little thing is staying. As long as it doesn't think it's coming on any of our camping trips with us.

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