Thursday, 26 April 2007

Star-Dog Log 070416 - Chatelguyon

'Er Indoors has decided we need to get away. She looks after her mother, my granny, who is 90. Looks to me like she just makes cups of tea all day but she says it's tiring. So the good news is, we get to go on camping trips once a week. And I just LOVE camping.

This week we drove up to a big lake thing at a place called Gour de Tazenat. 'Er Indoors was supposed to be navigating when we went for a walk round the lake but she's hopeless, ended up following completely the wrong trail but it was ace. We had to climb up big rocks and stuff. She was puffing and panting behind but I managed to pull her up most of them.

Then we drove off to find a campsite at Chatelguyon. It was cool as we were the only people there. 'Er Indoors got excited about some bird or other singing, I think she said a nightingale, but she didn't seem so keen when it was still singing at 4am and she hadn't got any sleep. Didn't worry me, I could sleep on a clothes line.

Good fun, but she says next week we need to stay somewhere a bit wilder as there was too much traffic noise.

So watch this space.

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