Thursday, 26 April 2007

Star-Dog Log 070423 - Menat

Wow, really cool campsite this time. Down at the bottom of a steep river gorge at a place called Menat. Once again, there was only us plus some lizards and a big fat viper, and some cows and calves in a field right opposite us across a little river. I wanted to round them up and sort out the viper but 'Er Indoors wouldn't let me - she's a real spoilsport.

We had another good walk which meant scrambling up big rocks once more - I'm trying to get 'Er Indoors fit. She reckons she has to go slowly cos I'm 13 and supposed to have a dicky ticker, but really I know it's for her.

Driving back, she was following something called a "deviation" and must have made a bit of a bish of the map reading as we seemed to drive halfway round France looking for the right road. But then we stopped for a picnic at the side of a quiet lane and she made me some tea - ok, it's not entirely cool for a Border Collie to drink Russian Lady Grey tea, but I have expensive taste - and we watched some more lizards, which again she wouldn't let me chase.

Here's a picture of where we stayed. Next week I'm going to insist of being allowed to chase something - what's the point of being a Border Collie if you can't round things up??

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